This is a review of "Integral Virus" recorded by Worm. The review was written by Tony Pasquariello in 2003.

Bradford has come under fire in the past for some of its local bands sounding dated, lacking ambition and creative inspiration. But recently there has been a few that have shone through and Worm are one of these bands that are setting the standard.

On first hearing this CD I knew this is a band with ambition, going out of their way to create something new rather than stick with the same old tried and tested formula of straight ahead rock or metal. True, this is metal, but with a difference. Techno beats meets soaring metal guitar with the odd sprinkling of vocal here and there. Featuring Voltage Records and Studio owner Tim Walker at the helm, the songwriting really complements the music and there is no shortage of ideas here. A little more vocal would have been nice, as the singer has an excellent voice. From what I can gather listening to this CD in its entirety, there are great things to come from this band. This is just the start. Excellent.