This is an archive of the band profile for The Infested.

The Infested is a Punk/Ska style group. The original lineup, consisting of G, Lee, Chris and Knox recorded 2 short CD's ("Buy To Survive" and "The Infested") between 2004 and 2006.

The band have toured once with (and as) The Crack Rock Steady 7 (featuring Stza from LOC on vocals) and once with Leftover Crack (in which G filled in for Brad Logan on guitar).

Prior to this tour, Callum Howell from Lincoln based band MCD joined The Infested on guitar and vocals before the 2006 LOC tour but sadly died shortly after, which understandably resulted in The Infested's hiatus.

The Infesteds debut album 'Myths Lies and Hyporcrites' was released on EHC Records and Pumpkin Records (UK) on November 3rd 2008. The record took around 4 years to write and was recorded as and when by G Infested.

The Infested returned with the current lineup for a short UK tour in December 2009 and are now writing for a future split with Officer Down, with plans for more touring this coming summer. We still need your help booking weekend shows in the meantime and are open to offers.

UPDATE: Writing material for new album 2011..