This is a review of "Telling Stories" recorded by The Argonauts. The review was written by Gavin Miller in 2004.

What is it with the British? We complain in winter that it isn't summer, then when summer hits it's "too hot", then when autumn and winter roll around again, we release perfect summertime music. Damn us silly Brits.

'Telling Stories' with its scantily clad instrumentation rips along at a nice, jolly pace, taking its time, throwing in some lovely, summery tunes and generally being very nice. The musical equivalent of a smiley milkman dancing down the street with a big ol' grin on his face.

'Turning The Corner' is another little gem, with its blistering harmonica thing blaring away, accompanied by some ultra processed guitar and some lovely vocals. Jaunty and quirky, it's a nice enough song.

Brilliantly titled 'Swords and Words' features two of my favourite things. Wilco-esque chord changes and a Bill Hicks' sample. Another, bouncy, restless little belter, it whips along, makes you smile and gives you a reason to dig out 'Being There' by Wilco to see just what song that opening chord progression is nicked from. Ahhhh... bring me a cocktail and inflate my paddling pool, it's summer again.

The Bad Anorak 404 remix of the title track is maybe a little too thin on ideas, using the same samples again and again, and with no real rhythm, the track falls a bit flat. Having said that, it's nice enough and quite an interesting little piece of oddness that really fits the quirky, jolly side of things.

Daniel Fell is the main man behind the band, and being a student at Leeds College of Music, knows what a decent tune sounds like. In other words, fuck me if he doesn't know how to pen a great little song.