This is a review of "I Predict A Riot" recorded by Kaiser Chiefs. The review was written by Richard Garnett in 2004.

It's funny how there's not one mention of the name Parva in the 500 page biog that accompanies this sparkling new offering from Leeds own darlings-soon-to-be Kaiser Chiefs. Then again when you're trying to paint a picture of glowing newness it's best not to mention past failings. Fortunately the band have poured everything they learnt from their past foray into their new clothes and polished them shoes till they be shiny. So shiny in fact you won't mind them kicking your head in with this barn-stormer!

I Predict A Riot is the first single from the band's new deal with B-Unique and what a way to announce your intentions. With undertones of a punked up Dexy's meets SFA's off centred melodies, all wrapped up in a Supergrass level feel good factor, you will not get it out of your head. A football chant chorus is well supported by such silky verse couplets as "A man in a tracksuit attacks me". This is an anti-chav walk through the post 11pm streets of any modern city. They may predict a riot, but on this form we predict a whole lot of good things coming our way from the Kaiser Chiefs.