This is a review of "Random" recorded by Lo-Gain. The review was written by Richard Garnett in 2001.

It worries me when a band advertises themselves in their biography by the fact that their lead singer has big tits! Add that together with the fact that they come Bradford (the rule being that if you do, you have Guns'n'Roses in your blood), then consider that three of these tracks were recorded at the ROCK studios of Voltage in the big B itself and you know we're in for some stomach turning rock!

I also have my doubts when the influences include Metallica and Alanis Vinegarette, the latter of which I could quite gladly have forgotten about along with her PMT driven slop rock. What is strange is that Lo-gain also include Nirvana, Beatles, Lennon and Bowie in their list of influences. I suspect that these are acts that the band listen to and would probably like to say they sound like at times, but there is not one hint of it believe me.

Apart from her appendages, lead singer Angela has (we are told) "a vocal range and harmonic control out of this world"... hhhmmm! She has a good voice, there is no denying, but over this unimaginative cheese rock they begin to sound like the ex-school band they advertise themselves as. Give the girl a bottle of cough mixture that'll rough her up.

There was a time when this sort of music was called Heavy metal, and then people stopped using the term because it wasn't cool... this IS Heavy Metal. The band show some proficient fret wanking but nothing to make one of the songs memorable. By the time Angela is wailing about Forbidden Fruits in her garden and in her dreams I'm grinding my teeth and as track 5 kicks in with a Europe inspired intro I'm banging my head in the door. I know it's not constructive but the thing is they can all play it's just what they are playing is best kept in Bradford.

If Lo-gain were to take on-board some of those influences they list and stop relying on the looks of their lead singer, attractive as she is, then a future exists for them; but keep playing this r r r r rock and you will be destined to play Rio's and nowhere else for the rest of your years.