This is a review of "Untitled" recorded by Drat. The review was written by Simon Glacken in 2004.

If someone asked me to name a decent band from Northern Ireland I would probably struggle. Ash are from around that area but they suck monkey nuts. But hey what’s this? A CD by a band from Belfast called Drat and they ain't half bad.

A 4 track EP of lo-fi infectious indie rock, which is rich in melodies and packed with experimentation.

Drat don’t seem to be the kind of band that find a sound and stick with it. Instead through each song they try out different ideas and techniques. This keeps the music fresh and interesting.

“Happy Motor” is an upbeat fussy little number that walks hand in hand with its little friend called electronica. It would be easy to pass this band off as another act that rides in the same car as the likes of Snow Patrol. However Drat have the knack of being smart and simple at the same time. The catchy pop melody only acts as a smokescreen for the clever musicianship that is lurking in the background like a Big Issue seller waiting to pounce on an unsuspecting passer-by in the street.

Drat seem to be giving us a false sense of security. Just as we feel comfortable around them with the slow paced “Bullet-proof” an explosive chorus and backing vocals sung it the strongest Northern Irish accent known to man kick in which leave you a little jumpy.

“No More Superheroes” again highlights the band’s ability to craft a decent pop song. This one is riddled with acoustic guitars and sugar coated in whooshing effects in a similar vein to Gomez.

Final track “Get in Wrong” is draped in low-key vibrating organ, which acts as a warm ending to the EP. While it isn’t as memorable at its predecessors it is still a charming end.