This is a review of "Cuatro discos de stomp" recorded by Malibu Stacey. The review was written by James Meehan in 2003.

The first time I saw Malibu Stacey, I had no idea who they were but was blown away by their professionalism and purist punk rock style.

This E.P gives four tracks of aggressive, entertaining and eclectic punk rock. Opener 'Grade A fellini' kicks in with a very Terrorvision style riff, which is continued throughout the track. But don't let this put you off. This is cocky rock at its best. Lyrics as such as 'I'm an international playboy of some repute' give the general vibe of the track. Not necessarily tongue in cheek, but not serious by any stretch of the imagination. 'The girls want me and the boys want to be me'. Says it all really. Could cock rock be back? If so this is a good form for it to take.

The second track, 'Rock star' has a big Marilyn Manson style riff and less distinct lyrics but follows the same larger than life pattern as before. The overall impression so far is that if Malibu Stacey were a person rather than a band, they'd be a big fat forty year old with a crazy beard and a Hawaiian shirt, talented, experienced and in your face.

The third track, 'Fool is where this EP begins to slip up. Sounding like mid nineties Britpop rehashed with a distortion pedal is instantly forgettable and feels like 3:19 of your life where you could have achieved so much more. The final track 'Medicine' rocks less than its predecessors and has an FX laden intro that gives the whole track a 'Space'-esque feel (remember them?).

A mishmash of styles and influences can create something unique and exciting or it can create something tired and worthless. This E.P straddles the fence with a foot on each side and perhaps that's how they like it? However in my opinion they should mean to carry on as they started, they've struck gold and should mine it all rather than look for new seems as well.