This is a review of "Poorly Produced Demo" recorded by Kaya. The review was written by Richard Garnett in 2003.

"It'll be really funny and everyone will forgive our recording foibles if we call our demo 'Poorly Produced Demo' upfront - hey it's irony man!" Umm, well it isn't funny and it should really have been called 'Poorly Mastered Demo' lacking as it does in EQ or volume. In fact it's a disservice to producer (our very own) James Stringer who does a fair job of mixing and balancing levels on 3 rather straight pop/rock songs.

Unfortunately for Kaya the dynamics are not only missing from the flat sound but also from the flat song writing. "Dead to the world" offers the most of the 3 offerings but its Eurovision level chorus melody doesn't stick and things get a little long winded with a lack of editing. Proficient slap bass is not enough to rescue the charmingly named "Fat Motherfunker" and "Puppy Dog" is a forgettable closer despite a momentary highlight where the band stumble on to an AC/DC riff.

Kaya are not with out ideas and in time they will undoubtedly formulate these into material worthy of such titles as "The Really Good Demo".