This is a review of "Commitment to Excellence" recorded by les Flames!. The review was written by Sam Saunders in 2003.

Oh the joy of breaking out a real 7 inch single and then loving it as much as this. les Flames! go at it like rutting dogs in a home for delicate poodles. Woo hoos, great tunes and clangingly bright guitars make an uncannily English punk sound. Where do these Gallic impostors get it from? It shouldn't be possible to make up stuff like this any more. But they've done it. Ace.

And double whopper ace on the backside too from the not usually as ball bearings in a storm tossed dustbin as this Little Japanese Toy. Ferocious noise and a tune as well! Brilliant. Bass like no one had any low frequency hearing left, voices like men with razor blades up their arses, and a great lo-fi keyboard doing kid's TV impressions. And smashingly short, with cursing in binary to fool the censors. Bleep bleep.

Come on postman ... bring me number 2 in the series! (this was the first of the Wrath Super Sevens ... watch your collection grow into a real investment that will still amuse, delight and offend you into and beyond your declining years). I paid for mine, so I'm keeping them.