This is a review of "Going Native for Dirty Pictures" recorded by Andie Mills. The review was written by Richard Garnett in 2004.

A familiar face on the Leeds scene, Andie Mills is a veritable one man music industry. This is his 3rd solo release and is another sombre collection of introspective blues/acoustic rock. With a gravelled "I've not been drinking honesht" voice there are few songs that Mill's is not able to deliver with sincerity.

However this 15 song self produced release is as ambitious as it is hit and miss. It's a balanced affair, the highlights matched by lows. Songs like dreary opener "Louise", dull instrumental "April" or the self importance of "City Boy" are best forgotten. Instead focus on songs like "Bambus" with its excellent harmony laden backing vocals, or the delicate "Green Eyed Boy", the inventive cover of The Stooges "Be Your Dog" has to be heard and closer "Big Mouth (4k)" is a fitting end.

Keeping the momentum over 15 songs is no easy affair and Mr Mills, although undeniably experienced and talented, may have to still learn how to prune.