This is a review of "We Rode The Storm" recorded by The Scaramanga Six. The review was written by Cameron Black in 2004.

Sounding like the Eighties Matchbox B-Line Disaster on uppers the band storm their way through the opening track, but sadly it’s let down by far too much “oooo yeah” ing which is always a bad sign. That said driving down the M1 with this on the stereo is a pure joy.

The second track “Pincers” is the standout track however. It begins with a brilliant Dark Side of the Moon-esque operatic crescendo before descending into a dark punkabilly romp. Like Rodger Waters fucking The Cramps. Near the end of the track there is the sound of either a saw or a Theremin being played over the top of natty little piano part a al The Bugles before it explodes back to life spraying blood guts and rock n’ roll all over the shop.

The last two tracks let the band down. My notepad reads... Scissor Sisters, Kinks, Mighty Mighty Bosstones... it’s not a good combination trust me. The band show unbelievable promise but seemed to have reached a creative crossroads. On the one hand we have dirty ass rock and roll or boring middle of the road mediocrity. On the last track you can almost hear them smiling. They wail much better.