This is a review of "Too Much Within" recorded by Shadow of Memories. The review was written by Nick Kearns in 2004.

Darkly epic melodious doom-metal from the rock metropolis of Headingley, Shadow of Memories latest audio instalment is the two-track EP “Too Much Within”. Abrasive guitar riffs and blitzkrieg double-bass drumming juxtapose nicely with quieter introspective passages that call to mind the early nineties British doom renaissance a la My Dying Bride, although the female vocal may force inevitable (if not entirely unfounded) comparisons with Nightwish.

Both tracks on the EP reveal a band with a thorough grasp of the dynamics of this genre, and the impressive vocalisations on display help to carry both songs as well as giving the group a more slightly more commercial edge. In terms of production I would have liked to have heard the bass drums higher up in the mix - some excellent blast-beats are on display here, and it’s a damn shame they’re buried somewhat below the snare and guitars. It’s also a positive sign to see a band in the doom-metal genre possess the ability to write songs that clock-in under 6 minutes long and don’t have any mention of death, dying or actually being dead in the lyrics.

Although both songs are well crafted and imaginative I can’t help noticing that the opening of second track “Judgement” bears an uncanny resemblance to Radiohead’s “Street Spirit” - I’m not sure how Shadow Of Memories themselves will feel about this comparison, and I’m sure no foul play was intended on their part. I would also liked to have heard a few more examples of their songs, as I don’t really think two-song EPs are ever really representative of a band’s overall sound or character.

Overall, an impressive offering from an obviously talented young band that is well worth checking out in either a visual or audio capacity.