This is a review of "Signs" recorded by Silvertin. The review was written by Richard Garnett in 2004.

This two track sampler from Silvertin reveals a fondness for a sound that is quickly growing "old fashioned". Richard Ashcroft and The Verve, Ian Brown circa 1998, The Charlatans circa 1995 are all currently being committed to rock memory by the new wave of edgy guitar wielding acts and new generation of dance crossovers prepared to test a few boundaries and dispense with songs over 5 minutes. This is not Silvertin's problem, the band play their part well enough and have plenty of ability. Albeit packaged in something that is not that chic.

The problem is one of hooks, or more to the point lack of. In title track "Signs" and "Set In Stone" the band manage to go proficiently round in circles getting nowhere slowly and certainly not into your memory. It's all too fiddly, too many layers, too dense, everyone is doing too much at the same time. If Silvertin are going to overcome a fashion conscious media with an out of fashion sound they better have some bloody good songs to do it with... they probably do, but just not on this occasion.