This is a review of "Extended Play EP" recorded by Single White Female. The review was written by Richard Garnett in 2004.

From the very first tentative cymbal strike of "She's a Songwriter" the "have we rehearsed this one enough?" warning signs begin so unding. Full of enthusiasm but lacking any kind of togetherness Single White Female blunder through four punk tunes, along the way recycling some rather well worn chord progressions and ideas. It's the energy and snarl of Craig Berry and Louise Distras' vocals that carry the show, but it only just plasters over the cracks.

A packed crowd of friends and followers can no doubt pogo happily for hours to live renditions of the four songs on offer, but stick anything under the spotlight of a studio recording and the story is quite different. Time, tunes and tightness when combined with this level of energy will have more positive results.