This is a review of "Sneakerfreakin" recorded by Ryder. The review was written by Richard Garnett in 2003.

Listen Ryder and all you other bands, when you send a CD for review - include a biog! Why? because as you have no marketing budget you need to use every opportunity to spread the word about your group that you get. A reviewer of my stature may not be a lot but it's better than nothing! A few simple words that says who you are and what you are up to can make a big difference from just a CDR with some biro on it. Rant over back to the review:

If you want a good drunken conversation, try naming how many bands you know with the same name, to start you off try "Ryder"... I can remember about 4 that I've come across. Fortunately the 3 songs here are a little more original and blend a mix of rock, funk and dance rhythms. In their favour although there are comparable sounds, Ryder keep it pretty much to their own. Sounding like the guitar was recorded in a church hall and the singer down a long pipe nicked from the local NTL cabling crew is different, perhaps not the best, but different. Title track "Sneakerfreakin" is the strongest with it's echoing football chant playout and the Stones-esque "Be like this" makes up for the struggling pub-rock chorus of opener "Long Distance".

It would be nice to know more about Ryder but I don't, so here endeth the review.