This is a review of "Lay of the Cutlery Shiva" recorded by Dr Strangemoose. The review was written by Richard Garnett in 2003.

Surely a better name for this 7 song mini-album would have been "...I presume" and you should always be wary of bands that use made up "Funk" words like "Shiva" and include song titles that sound like an Aztec ruin - exhibit A: "Ja Sam Nakaza". Also be doubly wary of CDs passed onto you by another reviewer who refuses to review it on principle... he shall remain nameless for his own protection.

Bright young things and battle of the band specialists Dr Strangemoose weigh in with their rather thin funk and spoil it by singing over the top of it. This may have had a chance had it taken a leaf out of JTQ's book and instrumentally pumped up the beat, but instead we're given vocal rants that belong in the free music tents of protest marches. There's no doubting that Dr S can play (good drums, excellent sax, suitable bass) and maybe a residency in a good funk joint would help them beef up their sound for the demanding crowds. But the vocalists and the lyric writer (particularly of the chief culprit "King Shoes" - spine shiver!) would have to sit at the bar watching from the sidelines.