This is an archive of the band profile for Born Silence.

Born Silence are a four piece heavy metal band with a generic setup; guitarist, drummer, bassist and vocalist. Everyone contributes to the vocals in one form or another except for the bassist. We started when our drummer decided to form a band about 4 years ago in high school and came up with the name "The Scarecr0ws" but after numerous attepts and failures the band got nowhere. So in mid 2004 "The Scarecr0ws" came back as a 7 piece band, but having too many members we dropped one and tried to carry on. This too ended in failure, so the second guitarist was dropped and Born Silence was formed with 2 vocalists, a guitarist, drummer and bassist. But this also proved to be a problem, so the drummer was dropped, but our luck was the guitarist at the time could play drums, so that became his new role in the band, and the "roarer" of the 2 vocalists took over on guitar to give the setup that exists now..