This is a review of "Restless" recorded by If I Were King. The review was written by Richard Garnett in 2004.

"We aren’t like any other band that are currently on the scene..." ahh the old classic. Anyone who's anyone who's been in a band has either thought it or said it and of course like all of them If I Were King are also incorrect. They are, as with a number of bands that have recently passed this way, quite a lot like the Verve. There's a tiny bit of The Doves thrown in for good measure, but essentially a debt is owed to Richard Ashcroft, not just in vocal tone but also song style.

Now calm down dear this is just a review, and contrary to what you are thinking this is not a bad thing. The Verve have had their day but the legacy lives on and If I Were King play with the formula enough to keep the interest levels reasonably high. Opener "Restless" is a fairly pleasant and equally forgettable strings laden affair that sets the tone. But top billing should really go to the swagger of "Three Cheers" which fires with snarl, big time attitude and a great stonking riff. "Too Close" is B-side territory but still achieves more of a chorus hook than the title track.

What IIWK effortlessly achieve is an accomplished, polished and impressive big sound, that just sweats confidence. If it were all applied with hooks then they truly would be worthy of the crown.