This is an archive of the band profile for Modern Theory.

The band first started out just as Tom and Owen in a barn, at Cozzie’s house. Joe left his other band and joined Tom and Owen, this meant that the band had two drummers which was unique and different to other bands.

A couple of months down the line, Jack arrived as the new bassist of the band. One small gig was done as a band before he decided to leave again to be with ‘The Debuts’. Tom found another bassist who was free of a band as his previous band ‘Nature’s Mission’ had just split up. Stassy came to the recording of the band, which was for Tom’s GCSE coursework and enjoyed the vibe he got from it, so he joined full time.

The band then decided after many practices that a second guitarist was needed so along came Farny, this didn’t work out as we all thought that he was too different and we felt a little dodgy due to his style.

Stassy new of a lead guitarist who had wanted a band for ages and asked him to come to practice listen and asked him to join. Sy greeted this invite with open arms and started playing with us at the next practice. We enjoyed Sy being in the band and we all got along with him. Sadly the band was a little upset at Sy’s dedication to the band as we wanted 100%. The band are now back to a four piece and are rockin out some serious tunes..