This is an archive of the band profile for The Retrose.

"This is the band everyone wants to see, These are the guys every man wants to be..." ('Rock n Roll', The Retrose)

From the moment The Retrose open a live show with their sing-along mission-statement 'Rock n Roll', the audience know they are witnessing something spectacular. Guitarist Paddy, Bassist Dave and Drummer Matt play thrillingly energetic rock songs, all fronted by the charisma and bravado of singer Jonny.

The band have been together, in their present line-up, since April 2003. Since then, they have home-recorded three of their songs ('New Generation', 'Twelve Hours' and 'Rock n Roll') but will be entering HD1 studios in Huddersfield on December 17th to produce their first studio demo.

The Retrose's music falls somewhere in between the dirty blues rock of Led Zeppelin and the fast and furious riffing of Guns and Roses, but with an individual style that comes from within the band itself. If this sounds like your sort of thing, then make sure you experience The Retrose' awesome live performances.

"If you wanna Rock n Roll..." .