This is a review of "If you're not part of the Solution you're part of the Problem" recorded by The Final Sigh. The review was written by Nick Kearns in 2004.

What becomes quite apparent after roughly two minutes of listening to this CD is that The Final Sigh possess a songwriting approach that could best be described as “off one’s tits”. This is a good thing of course, as the conventional songwriting rule book is given about as much respect as a Donny Osmond impersonator at a Slayer convention. The eleven tracks on display here veneer between mellow Tool-style sections to deranged Dillinger-esque metal/jazz improvisations. The two aforementioned bands are two obvious reference points to describe this outfits sound, however some of the more extreme sections in places flirt between the hardcore stylings of Converge and the death-metal drumming of Dimmu Borgir. The inclusion of samples at various points throughout the CD also helps in the process of what-lazy-music-journalists-call “spicing things up”, and helps provide some pleasant interludes.

There is a lot going on here to take in on a first listen; rather, as per a lot of good music repeated audio insemination is required to fully appreciate the subtleties and deft touches that have been put into this recording. The CD is balanced between “light” and “dark” very well, but does peter out towards the end somewhat- this is where a “killer” track would have come in handy. Standout tracks include the superbly-titled “Self Abuse is a One Person Sport” and “Ryo Hazuki”. For anyone wanting music that isn’t afraid to blow a raspberry at conventional musical norms The Final Sigh have the potential to impress.