This is a review of "Sun In the fall" recorded by Jackson Palmer. The review was written by Richard Garnett in 2004.

The Leeds scene is generally short of Americana bands. But living in West Yorkshire and not the Mid-west of America, is no disadvantage to Jackson Palmer, who manage to sew some darn juicy alt-country seeds in that there Yorkshire soil!

This 7 song debut is a rough diamond. The production is not to sparkling and an odd desire to overly treat Leigh Linley's vocals with unusual reverb is a mistake that hampers the potential tenderness of beautiful songs like title track "Sun in the fall" and the sweet genius of "Frank". But a tune is a tune and the delicate well written interaction of vocals, guitar and piano is hard to kill even when too many studio buttons have been pressed.

Other highlights come in the Dillon styled opening to "Song a day" and closer "Horse" with its homage to Hendrix's "Hey Joe" in the play out. But the summit is truly reached by the xylophone enhanced "Frank", which alone makes this mini-album worthy of a purchase.