This article was published in 2004.

Leeds dance / electronic musician Superboss is releasing "Things Will Get Better", a song featuring the voice of DJ legend John Peel on, with donations going to John's favourite charities, The Salvation Army and Amnesty International.

The song was written months ago and permission was given by John so it was decided to go ahead with the release given that it may be the last act John was ever involved in helping promote to a wider public.

Label head Darren Pearce explains: "When John died so suddenly we felt that we had to be really cautious and sensitive. We didn't want to shelve the song because John led the way in promoting new acts for decades and this is possibly the last act that he was involved with so we thought that it would be wrong not to release it."

"So we decided that we wanted to make donations from both the artist and the record label to charities that were close to John's heart."