This is a review of "Interstate 5" recorded by The Wedding Present. The review was written by Richard Garnett in 2004.

In 1997 The Wedding Present was put on hold while Leeds favourite Indie son embarked on a new path exploring strings, flutes, film scores, sweet melodies and a lesser degree of big guitar. Cinerama sadly seemed to do more to alienate existing fans than to win new ones and only a hardcore persevered with Gedge's 3 album exercise. Those that did will not have been surprised by this return to the original moniker, as it charts the final act in the gradual transition through each Cinerama album back to a more familiar wall of discordant guitar noise. History lesson over and what of Interstate 5?

The subject hasn't changed, but then why should it? 3 songs of relationship difficulties all lyrically perfect. Produced by Steve Fisk there is a definite hark back to the Island era Weddoes minus the surf guitar influences. Interstate 5 broods its way over 6 minutes but is not the sparkling comeback so many would have hoped for. The sound is right but the formula is Cinerama epic rather than The Wedding Present shock treatment. Bad Thing continues the art of writing B-sides of character and Snapshots is clearly only relegated to a support slot for not fitting on a forthcoming album of gritty guitar.

For now at least, more collector's item than must have single.