This is a review of "The Girl Who Fell Asleep Whilst Watching Her Life Flash Before Her Eyes" recorded by Being 747. The review was written by Tom Goodhand in 2004.

‘Bom, bom der-der-der-der, Bom, Bom der-der-de-der-der, Dum dum dum dum’. That’s the genius of this song. That bit there, I find myself singing along with it as the song starts, embarrassing, huh? Then Paul and Steve start going ‘aaaahahaaaaah aaaaahahaaaaah’, and it all gets even acer. Somehow this three-piece have perfected the pop song. Even the stupidly long (and annoying to type) title can’t get in the way of this miniature masterpiece.

In fact ‘The Girl Who Feel Asleep...’ is as good as Franz Ferdinand should be if all the hyperbole heaped upon Franz was actually true. It is Being 747 who have condensed the perfect pop song into four minute blasts of angular indie. ‘The Girl Who Feel Asleep...’ could easily be one of those cross over indie hits. Y’know, the ones that NME rave about, and then slag off as soon as it becomes huge. The ones that they start playing on Hollyoaks and that twelve-year-old girls set as a ringtone on their phones. You can imagine dancing to this down at t’Session or at those numerous identikit indiepop nights in Leeds. It is, in short, bloody marvellous.

Then you also get the b-side ‘Communist Prince’, which could be an a-side so easily. It even has the line ‘I’m your prince in Bolshevik armour’, which is clearly brilliant in its ludicrousness.

To be honest, that this CD is brought to you by those people at Wrath Records means that you know that it is going to be a thrilling bit of tuneful, smart indie-rock (or something by les Flames! – just joking guys). You don’t really need this review to know that you should go a buy this CD.