This is a review of "Spitfire Charlie EP" recorded by Spitfire Charlie. The review was written by Richard Garnett in 2004.

Leeds students Spitfire Charlie deliver a 6 song blues / classic rock inspired EP in their aim of "Leeds Domination". There is some way to go yet before this objective will be achieved but for now they provide an amiable enough stab.

A traditional and technically excellent sound born from combining a Stereophonics approach to straight rock songwriting and a voice that sounds like Shed Seven's Rick Witter singing Page & Plant melodies. It's impassioned and solid stuff, but often lacks the pace or lustre to carry it above an exercise in technical proficiency. Song high points come in "How I learnt to love the bomb", "Nothing really matters" and best of all brooding closer "You set my world on fire". Low points come in ponderous opener "Where's all the money gone?" and over weight with fret wibbling "Playing Hard". "One in ten" is a perfect example of how to write a great melody and then bury it amongst complicated drum patterns and guitar trickery.

Providing exams and trips home to do their washing don't get in the way, the band have the ability to go further with a little stripping down and learning how and when to channel their natural talent.