This is a review of "The Ulysess EP" recorded by The Future Of Transporte. The review was written by Richard Garnett in 2004.

It's all round improvement for The Future of Transporte, not least in the progression from one mic recording to something resembling a mixed record, but also in the songwriting and making an audible racket dept. There are few bands that can twice mention Unicorns in the space of 3 songs, have Latin song titles, sing in French, rhyme "Major to minor" with "the sweetest Vagina", experiment with beat boxing, and combine harmonica with Aled Jones style choir-boyism! Intrigued? You should be because this is starting to move out of the comedy club and into the Brian Jones "Smile" era of experimentalism.

Madness and genius are so closely entwined at times you just never know whether TFOT are taking the proverbial or on the verge of changing musical horizons everywhere. Opener "While You Sleep" is ever so slightly overly theatrical, but "Pieu Christe Domini" is amazing in its ambitions and comes out the other end wearing a broad smile. "Ulysses" crosses The Darkness' falsetto and ridiculous guitar solos with Led Zep wizards and goblins era lyrics. While "Major 2 Minor" is a slip back into the school boy humour of earlier outings, it still sits comfortably with its classmates.

Live these boys and girl have to be an experience - to be adored by some and totally baffle others. Ones to watch category, the next record promises to be something rather special.