This is a review of "Untitled" recorded by Vib Gyor. The review was written by Simon Glacken in 2004.

As the year comes to an end Vib Gyor can look back and smile. An ever growing international fan base, great reviews, spectacular live shows and even a mention in American magazine Entertainment Weekly and after listening to this latest collection of their work it suggests that 2005 is going to be even better.

“Fallen” carries the unique Vib Gyor sound, which mixes a floury of light and beautiful guitar notes with touching atmospherics. With a chorus to die for it takes all the highlights of the 1st EP and moves them a step further. A clear sign of the band’s desire to push things forward, to test themselves and their fans. Hidden inside there is a hint of Radiohead, a touch of Mogwai, a smidgen of Sigur Rós and by the time the song breaks down into a post-rock extravaganza a slice of Godspeed! You Black Emperor has been thrown into the mix. Exciting, moving and truly inspirational.

“The Secret” is a true rock out, lead by a dark and sinister bass line. But while the song initially comes as a surprise with its aggressive and frenzied pace it seems such a logical option that the band take. As natural as Radiohead moving between Karma Police and Paranoid Android.

The calm after the storm comes in the form of “Church Bell”. Dave Fendick’s almost heavenly vocals soar over rich and tender piano playing which creates a vast and chilling mood where the true attraction lies in the gaps between playing. But again it is in those vocals where Vib Gyor’s advantage lies. While some bands may come close to replicating the phenomenal songs they will always struggle to match the rare vocal gift which this band have in their arsenal. Flickering between the likes of Buckley, Yorke and Bellamy the lead vocals are astounding as they are engaging.

“Always Alone” sees violins being brought into the mix and leads into the spine tingling chorus of “you’re always alone”. Made ever more effective by the bands own excellent production skills, which add a warmth and depth to their music that many “signed” artists lack.

Final track “Long Way Down” forms a magical soundscape, conjuring up cold and snowy mountains somewhere in Iceland and if you look carefully enough you may be able to make out Sigur Rós.

I think they are waving.