This is a review of "You're Long Time Dead So What's the Hurry" recorded by Mama Scuba. The review was written by Richard Garnett in 2005.

There can be few things more frustrating as an aspiring band than having an outstanding record ready to release and then having to sit on it while the wheels of industry slowly grind. In the case of Mama Scuba the advantage is ours, as instead of getting a simply splendid album, "You're a long time dead. so what's the hurry?" is a finely tuned masterpiece well worth the wait.

Blending a Radiohead-like sound, with the playfulness and imagination of the Super Furry Animals, crossed with the purest of pop sensibilities and a Pixies love of sharp left hand turns, it all adds up to something rather special.

Like all great records, several listens are required to initially educate the ear. But once the door closes behind you, Mama Scuba's world of clever melody and twisted song structures will have you hypnotised. It's hard to credit that "Pouche" and the brilliant "Snow" still sound so fresh despite having graced the Indie singles chart in 2000? But what sparkling new gems cluster around these old stones: The upbeat pop rollock "Squeaky Clean", "Make a stance" snaps with "I want to see you dance... in your new sexy pants", while the brooding opening of "The Untouchable" seamlessly turns itself inside out to become a lilting sing-a-long. The list goes on, 12 tracks smarter than all the sharp suits in the high street.

Out on Redemption Records in February, this is your first contender for record of the year.