This is a review of "Untitled" recorded by The Tonic. The review was written by Holden DeForge in 2003.

The impact is immediate. As soon as you hear Brooke Dundas' voice you know this girl is something special. She possesses a voice so rich and warm that you'd have a to have a cold hard hear not to fall in love with it. A funky acoustic guitar riff provides the basis for opener "Fast Enough" although the strummed chorus then seems a let down in comparison to the simple yet effective opening. The band are more than proficient on their instruments yet allow plenty of space for Dundas' voice to sparkle. The stop start chorus works the first time around but the song could benefit from a more consistent pace from then on to maintain interest.

"April Showers" is a slower, floaty ballad with some fine bass work and again some tidy drumming from Jez Smith. Dundas' voice is haunting, almost bewitching on the chorus "These April showers, can't take my mind off you". With some nice chord changes and a gorgeous vocal it's the stand out track of the disc. A picked guitar line is the backbone of "Idle Love" and twines with the vocal melody to create a soft, sweet, yet verging on the dark, little number. "Sometimes Lovers" closes the disc with a more brooding vocal track and a slightly fuller orchestration with a bluesy, rootsy feel. The songs are lyrically adept and well constructed but sometimes you'd like to see them open up and really give Brooke Dundas a chance to stretch herself and her voice to its full potential, which could be quite awesome. As a first offering it's impressive and with a singer like Miss Dundas the band should attract plenty of admirers.