This is a review of "Cardboard World" recorded by 3milehigh. The review was written by Richard Garnett in 2005.

If Cardboard World carried the sub-title "Made for an American market only" then so many stereotypes on one record could be forgiven. Sadly it doesn't and from start to finish 3milehigh unashamedly role out every EMO tactic and frat party uplifting piece of smoltz in the book. It's packaged with glistening production that meets every polished demand of the music's corporate direction.

It's music for the bit where the girl and guy break up in the rain in Dawson's Creek; it's music for when they get back together at the school prom; it's so soulless it will turn you cold quicker than a bag of ice strapped to your crotch. However, it may be turning this alternative stomach, but out there is a world of cliché loving big spending folks that think Linkin Park are alternative and Lost Prophets are genius, and here lies the point.

Marketed well there are a hatful of chart hits and big money spinners amongst this collection of ten. Hollywood film credits beckon, with guitar wibbling solos just made for accompanying 2000 names rushing past your eyes. Let's be fair, 3milehigh are a talented bunch, enjoying every part of their craft and if they can get in front of an American record company executive then viva la cash!