This is a review of "Wild Ideas" recorded by Edward Molby. The review was written by Richard Garnett in 2005.

It's easy to be endeared to a band that describe themselves in their biog as having a "common love of strange cheeses, fresh vegetables and variety of pickles". It's also easy to emphasise with the clear debt the band owe to such greats as Pixies, Husker Du and several other post punk outfits. There is no-one in the band called Edward Molby but the song of the same title is the excellent highlight of the four on offer with its middle eight melodic switch from the usual attack attack style.

Black Francis taught so many bands you don't have to have a classic singing voice to be frontman and although which member takes vocal duties is not listed, the sharp agro style is sure to isolate a number of the audience. So if you are of this ilk you may instead enjoy the screaming guitars, driving bass and thumping drums that simply adds up to a good time.

With a few more hooks and even more experimentalism Edward Molby will be ones to be watched.