This is an archive of the band profile for Edward Molby.

Members of Edward Molby live in various Yorkshire and Derbyshire hilltop settlements from Todmorden to Bolsover. Brought together in early 2004 by a mutual love of fine vegetables and tasty pickles they now desire to play music that was as bold and richly sensuous as the finest pie ever cooked. In pie terms the band are a thick deep, savoury and juicy punk with a light psychedelic crust. Molby were recently described in The Fly as ‘an unholy hybrid of Pixies, Husker Du and 12th Century madrigals from the remote Yorkshire moors’. Intrigued by this Molby would have been less surprised had The Dead Kennedy’s, Pere Ubu or perhaps even Bony M been quoted. Edward Molby, named after their nocturnal mentor who is rarely seen in public places, have just recorded a new CD. They hope to be playing more regularly in Leeds as the year progresses..