This is a review of "Sky City" recorded by Cope. The review was written by Sam Saunders in 2003.

Wakefield is the place for sure. Here’s another talented bunch with a future ahead of them. It’s not fully realised in the demo, with its tendency to try and sound like a "proper record". Anyone familiar with demo recordings will be on first name terms with those descending piano chords and that chorus effect guitar that open the show. But there are two very effective tunes which (in classic beginner style) are not listed on the liner. There’s a Housemartins kind of charm and a natural flow to the lyrics. Adrian Bates’ and Lee Gray’s vocals share vocals. There’s some wobbly stuff on the higher notes. But harnessed together on the choruses they come out as convincing and engaging.

The rest of the band do what’s needed to hold up the songs for the expected four minutes or so. There’s nothing flash, and nothing slack. Bass and drums do all the right things. The intro to track 2 is distinctly interesting and despite an autopilot guitar solo there are several other mystery ingredient to hold the attention.

Cope will be doing some Leeds shows in the weeks ahead ... a good chance to hear how many more of these nifty little songs they’ve got.