This is a review of "Doorway of a Dancehall" recorded by sammyUSA. The review was written by Hayley Avron in 2003.

'Doorway Of A Dancehall' sounds as though its spiritual home is located slap bang in the epicentre of Britain, roughly ten years ago. Which isn't to say that they sound dated just that had this single emerged ten years ago, perhaps people wouldn't be so busy pretending they were born with a bottle of JD in their puckered mouths to listen to this kind of thing.

And by 'this kind of thing', we mean a stangly (staccato+jangly=stangly K?) Kinks-esque tale of 'doh! Silly cow, ya did it again, ya bitch' that scrapes up the entrails of Supergrass and (dare I say it?) Menswe@r and pulls you along on a rickety sledge for four minutes and nineteen seconds. Which is exactly the length of time that it takes to suck a lollipop.

The second track, 'Being Beaten' could well have been constructed with a spirit level as its main instrument. Yes, sir, it's that horizontal. A gorgeous, lazy ode to that greatest of days.tomorrow.the day when it's all gonna happen. John's vocals are naked and gut wrenching, the track comes and goes like a gentle heartache.

If sammyusa are anywhere near as fragile and naïve as this first release suggests, we can only hope they haven't got caught in the crossfire of the 'bidding war' they're currently embroiled in.