This is a review of " Ivy / The Man That Time Forgot" recorded by The Lost 45s UK. The review was written by Richard Garnett in 2005.

Ah that annoying occasion when the first prostitute you use turns out to be your girlfriend's mum, we've all been there. For those that haven't you can enjoy The Lost 45s UK's excellent version of events: Ivy. The Lost 45s UK are in their own words at the head of Leeds Beat Revolution. For extra kudos they even go so far as to picture themselves playing a McCartney bass and pawing over... funny enough, some lost 45s... cleverrrr!

Being a Leeds band it's a little unusual to hear songs sung with a scouse accent but maybe it's the Mersey Beat equivalent of British EMO bands putting on American accents so it sounds right. Whatever the reason Ivy is a beat masterpiece and a real big step in the right direction following the band's last outing. Well written and capturing a truly great retro sound it's far more than just a leaf out of The Coral's book.

The Man That Time Forgot is a Weller esque saunter only much better and harks back to the days before Weller's head was too far up is own arse to realise no-one gave a damn. It's top notch stuff with some brilliant woo-ooo BVs for good measure.

With this kind of leader the Beat barricades may soon be on your door step.