This is a review of "Untitled" recorded by The Nervous Shakedown. The review was written by Richard Garnett in 2003.

"Heavy Grooves & Fucked Up Blues" proudly proclaims the scrawled biog and ain't that the truth boy! Musically like taking a corner at full whack on a Speedway track, spitting mud over the crowd. Picking from the who's who of influences listed this is more Jon Spencer, MC5, (the unmentioned) BRMC or Ten Benson than it is Spiritualized and PJ Harvey, but you get the message. Dirty guitar riffs, decadent drums and an acidic growl of a vocal set the tone of all 3 tracks.

Opener "Murder" is the fresh slice of wholegrain dirt rock on top of this 3 song sandwich, filled with the slightly chewy but tasty "Machine Gun Tongue" layered on the "been in the bread bin just too long" closer "Get Up".

For a band not yet totalling a year in existence and for a mere £100 spent this sets the tone for what promises to be an interesting career. Building on the spring in the step offered by "Murder" and cutting lose the ponderous moments of "Get Up" will have the likes of Alan McGhee and other such lovers of New York inspired guitar filth baying at the door!