This is a review of "Untitled" recorded by Avoca. The review was written by Simon Glacken in 2005.

Formed around six months this Leeds based outfit have managed to pull together a 4-track demo, which features tracks taken from their usual set list. Immediately a schoolboy error has taken place due to the lack of a tracklisting.

Versatile is a word that could be attached to this band quite rightly. Their music slips and slides between a mixture of blues, soul, jazz and funk but maintains a very laidback feel, while the vocal exchanges between the band’s two female singers add yet more variety to their music.

The problem I’m starting to have is that Avoca’s music is at times a little too laidback, a little too quiet, except for the odd minimalist explosion of guitar freakishness that occasionally surfaces. If I were to lay back any more I’d be in danger of falling asleep where I’d start to dream that the band were playing in a wine bar somewhere in Leeds or supporting Simply Red, both of which would be a horrendously bad thing.

But for an act that have only been together for half a year they do have a solid music base to work from but they can only go forward if they move their music up a gear or three.