This is a review of "Lights Out" recorded by The Invention. The review was written by Gavin Miller in 2005.

Coming on like a weird mash up of Franz Ferdinand and The Music (they’re gonna hate me for that), The Invention storm out of my speakers and into my brain with the infectious ‘Lock The Door’, all bouncy beats, crashing guitars and soaring guitar leads.

I can well imagine this being hyped up on the NME chart show on MTV2 by those two bints in the Queenz of Noizzzzze or whatever the fuck they are. That said however, this track is good. Big, meaty and refreshing, it’s a blast of cold air on a warm day. Now how’s that for a metaphor?

Realising that I’ve just played track two instead of track 1, I fire up ‘Lights Out’, another barn stormer of a track, with those big, chunky rhythms and those spiky guitars thrashing about. There’s some out-of-tune-but-in-a-good-way singing, and some thumping bass also thrown into the mix. This is also good, but not as ball grabbingly immediate as ‘Lock The Door’.

In all, this is impressive. Not only has it been recorded and mixed well, but they’ve done a great job on the songs themselves. Dynamic, catchy and oh so hip right now, The Invention will probably be on at least one page of the NME pretty soon I’m guessing.