This is an archive of the band profile for Time To Leave.

Gary Bailey - Bass
Rob Chapman - Guitar/Vocals
James England - Guitar
Andy Hunt - Lead Vocals
Andy Scudder - Drums

Formed in Leeds, West Yorkshire, back in 2003, Time to Leave has evolved dramatically during it's existence, with only one original band member (bassist Gary Bailey) remaining from the band that was formed almost a decade ago.

The musical progression of the band is evident across the three EP's they've recorded, with the latest record 'Mythics' presenting a more mature and exciting sound than that of previous records, mixing furious riffs and smooth melodies to create a sound that shows the five-piece doing what they do best and entirely on their own terms. However, since the recording of the four tracker back in 2009, the band has had to endure the departure of numerous members, leaving the three remaining members (Bailey, Chapman & Hunt) in a state of limbo for almost two years, but by standing strong when calling it a day would have been an easier option, the band was once again back to its full compliment of five members in the latter stages of 2011, with drummer Andy Scudder and guitarist James England re-completing the line-up.

Having not had the chance to play the tracks from latest record 'Mythics' on the live stage following its recording in 2009, the band is currently showcasing its tracks at shows around the country, along with some new and largely unheard tracks that have been written in progression towards a new record in 2013; the musical influence from the new guys in the band advancing the sound even further..