This is a review of "Things Will Get Better" recorded by Superboss. The review was written by Simon Glacken in 2005.

Many will remember 2004 as the year the music world lost one of its most admired characters. His memory can be somewhat celebrated in this eclectic effort by Superboss where amongst the dance beats and soothing synth lies a number of carefully selected samples of the great man.

Caught somewhere between the energy of !!! and the absorbing epics of Boards Of Canada, Superboss manage to create a combination which at times has the potential to excite and sooth the mind while the occasional phrase from Mr Peel generates fond memories and brings a smile to the face.

The pulsating bass lines and twitchy effects flicker and dodge their way through a maze of electronic simplicity and across the next seven minutes seem to hint at something that sadly never comes. The big finish fails to emerge from its hiding place and instead we are left with a fizzle instead of a bang.

As this track was written several months before John’s death you can’t help but feel some sort of sadness when he can be heard to say “Things will get better I promise you.” But in reality things will never be the same again.