This article was published in 2005.

Wrath Records have announced a second season of their most excellent Super Sevens 7" singles club series, and are currently taking subscriptions for it through mail order. You can also subscribe online at

The cost is just £18 for what will be six delectable, highly collectable, limited edition singles delivered straight to your door... ! The first two singles are expected to arrive in April 2005, the next two in July and the final two in October. And at the end of that you receive a CD featuring all 12 tracks.

Two bands per 7", those already expected to feature are Being 747, The Scaramanga Six, Stuffy/The Fuses, Farming Incident, The Lodger and Me Against Them

To sign up via mail order send a cheque to "Wrath Records" at

Wrath Records,
The Cardigan Centre,
145-149 Cardigan Road,
Leeds LS6 4LJ

Don't forget to include your name, address and email.

In other Wrath Records news, the record label is officially three years old! A party will be held on Friday 11th February at The Mixing Tin with free entry and various DJs joining the celebration.