This is a review of "Twilight Of The Idols EP" recorded by Vicious Cabaret. The review was written by Andy James in 2005.

For those wondering what the whole Brit-garage-punk genre might sound like if only someone could be arsed to do it right, check out this new EP from Vicious Cabaret. While there's enough of a swagger in the vocals and a sharp edge to the musicianship to ensure that the be-suited Interpol fans among you will be happy, these local lads are that most rare of commodities, a garage band that actually has something relevant to say beyond asking you to feel sorry for them about their drug habits.

Of the four tracks on here, the standout is probably the brooding and ominous "Goodbye Green And Pleasant Land" which sounds like Franz Ferdinand covering the Jesus & Mary Chain and is all the better for it though the "politico-Pixies" jaggedness of "Nuremberg Defence" runs it very close while the Placebo-on-steroids "Charisma Has Dug A Billion Graves" deserves a mention for the title alone.

Angry, stylish and packing one hell of a gut punch, we might just have stumbled across something special here.