This is an archive of the band profile for Wintermute.


Dan - (guitar/vocals)
Dave - (guitar/shouts)
Chris - (bass/shouts)
Ben - (drums)

Formed in Leeds 2004 after meeting at Leeds University and sharing a desire to make engaging and catchy, yet progressive and energetic, guitar based music.

They played on the Carling Stage at Leeds Festival 2007 as a result of being overall winners of Futuresound 2007.

October 2007 saw Wintermute's first single, 'Gambling or Playing Cards?' released on Children No More Records. said that the single "...bridges the chasm-divided demographics of indie-pop and post-punk excellently; a little brittle, a little Good Shoes deep down, a little old-school emo, 'Gambling or Playing Cards?' twitches and itches like the best discerning floor-filler should." 8/10

"...punchy and pop-infected, akin to The Futureheads poising notes at sharper angles. Ditch the doubts at the door: expect to be impressed."
Rock Sound

"...the whole thing's held together by some of the jerkiest guitar work this side of a Jade Tree compilation."

Live Reviews:
"A curious combo of At The Drive-In and Interpol, splashed with a bit of Foals-ian mathletics, tight and adventurous, Wintermute are cool."

" as a button in a nerd rock style and stomping out some very precise, upright indie pop.... Morphic pop in motion."
Sandman Magazine

"...a bright, driving set of superbly well-rehearsed songs packed with nimble staccato riffs and power-surging bass lines."