This is a review of "Seven Hours EP" recorded by Seven Hours. The review was written by Sam Saunders in 2003.

"Nowhere to Hide" is a clanging bluesified rock piledriver with Americano vocal affectation in the style of Pub Rock, but no particular song. Just an energetic funked over performance. The first four bars of isolated guitar are the best thing on the EP. The words "nowhere to run, nowhere to hide" have been used before.

"Dead Men" has the cowboy shuffle beloved of this year’s Liverpuddlians. The lyric seems to be telling one of those shaggy dog western stories about a dusty truck stop in South Dakota and a ghostrider in the cab. The monotony is hard to take. The band just keep going round the block, second verse same as the first style. A weak guitar solo doesn’t improve things.

"Love Don’t Last" has that up-stroke guitarist version of reggae that was probably made illegal after the Police’s second album. There’s a relentless and OK riff that gives it some shape and there’s more mid Atlantic drawling in the vocals. But it’s pretty dreary stuff.