This is a review of "Torn From A Warm Place" recorded by Brody. The review was written by Richard Garnett in 2003.

Since their last outing Brody have got angrier, noisier and thankfully less straight. They still can't help themselves from a few soaring "rock on the side of a cliff" moments (Miles Away) but for the main part they have taken a step towards a more contemporary Britrock sound.

The big winner here is the slim & trim opener "Fallout" which stands in a league of its own amongst the four tracks on offer. Noticeably it is the only track that cuts under 4 minutes! Ripping chorus "Day by day it got to me...!" is with out doubt the best yet from the hardworking rockers! Unfortunately the expectations for what follows is set very high and never met. "Brand New Day" is a wash of nu-rock guitars and thunder but despite various posturing chugga chugs, it's background stuff. A rescue package is offered with title track "Torn from a warm place" which cuts nicely from quiet to loud. Balding sweat machine Matthew Duggan positively let's you hear him grimace the passion down the mic.

As one of the renowned live champions of the local rock scene, with such contemporaries as the excellent Fulc, and slicing Nerve Engine, Brody are clearly pushing all the right buttons. With tracks like "Fallout" the recorded sound certainly seems to be coming up to meet the live reverie.