This is a review of "Two of Three EP" recorded by Johnny Poindexter. The review was written by Richard Garnett in 2005.

What a bloody miserable place Shipley must be! Four solemn tracks of grey landscapes, bits of random plastic blowing on barbed wire fences and rain soaked winter roads... cheery eh? This is Johnny Poindexter's world. Inspired by the likes of Mogwai, with a good slice of electronica, it's perfect for a quiet night in lying on your bed hating the world.

Opener "In every language there is or ever was" creeps in with its repetitive string sample before pleasingly walking into a wall of thundering guitar. The band swap between instrumental outputs and guest vocalists which sadly add very little to the mix and if anything mask the underlying ideas the band seem to be pursuing. The rather lacklustre performance on "Headswim" by The Future Sons Of Rome vocalist is more 6th Form indie than Chemical Brothers guest slot, while although closer "You lost your faith in people" fairs little better it at least has more of a hook. It is in fact on "This is just a small step forward" flirting more with the electronic part of their sound, that the band really up the interest levels.

For atmosphere there are few who will capture such a dark frontier and with a slightly bigger production budget eternal doom will be within their grasp... now does someone need a hug?