This is a review of "Just Let Me Talk To her" recorded by Whole Sky Monitor. The review was written by Richard Garnett in 2005.

Whole Sky Monitor's biog describes them as "Northern existential kitchen sink dramatists" but as no-one has any idea (or cares) what that means, time to try listening to the music. At times sounding like a lo-fi Manic Street Preachers with the vocals of those other welsh rockers The 60ft Dolls, this is an album of familiar sounding Indie. Eleven (well 10) tracks that occasionally throw out a gem or two but it's really only for the persistent listener.

In general the catchy-ometer is rarely troubled and the one-paced song style and lack of variation in sound is sure to leave the casual listener cold. At times it's hard work, especially combined with the flat formulaic 2 stroke method John Parkes uses for delivering his vocals: (1) The reading back of a statement or (2) the shouted statement.

Despite this, WSM show regular glimpses of talent and touch with songs like the superb "Be Beautiful" or the Doves-esque pounding of "Basic Rock Song". The transition of any band from EP to LP can be a tricky one and keeping the quality going through out in this case proves one step too much.