This is a review of "E Is For Effort, A Is For Attainment" recorded by Superelectric. The review was written by Whiskas in 2001.

First off, I like this CD a lot, it's up there with a lot of good CD's, and I really enjoy listening to it. Right, so that's that cleared up.

The opening track "'Step Inside"' eases you into the CD fantastically, with sliding ambient electronica, led by a gorgeous bass line, with soothing beats to add that edge to the song. The first 2 'verses' go a long at a nice pace, until the song just seems to rest on noise for a while, before crashing back in with the chorus, and a rouse of beats and synths.

It's the pauses in the song, where nothing in particular, however that dog this CD. Apart from that, there is hardly anything to criticise the songs on it. The songs are all mainly synth'd up songs, sounding like sweet manufactured song in places, but that is no criticism. I'm sorry I have to mention this, but the vocals sound ridiculously like Richard Ashcroft, although, like all the CD, this seems natural. Nothing seems pushed, but all the song form and instrumental interjections, do seem purposeful. So I've just contradicted myself.

After the ambient, mild beginning of the first song, the second track is exactly what's necessary. An up-tempo beat filled affair, it pushes the pace of the CD, and shows that the band can do anything. This song most of all reminds me of the The Orbital, which is bloody good, the beats are the most reminiscent, and this is the most electronic fuelled affair. "Plasmojic" is definitely vital to the CD, as it shows the variety of the band. It also includes my favourite bit of the CD, the synth line that comes in about a minute and half in reminding me of some movie, but I can't think what.

Overall, I feel it's the 3rd track in particular that suffers the most I feel, from the criticism levelled above. Starting with an acoustic guitar it's a bit of a whiney effort I feel, and the tag line "I Hear A Song" rubs you up after a while. And during the middle meandering section, you really start to loose interest. Basically after the first 2 minute's or so of the song, you feel as though you're gonna gain nothing new from the rest of the song. And, to be fair you don't. It misses the crescendo to Chorus of the other songs.

"Trapped Behind Glass" the CD closer, is the one I particularly refer to when it sounds like a manufactured pop record. This is NO criticism what so ever. Where the length of the previous tracks often left your mind wandering in the middle, this hits the nail on the head, combining the memorable effects from every song so far. This is the gem, but that's no, complaint on the first 2 which are also fantastic.

To be fair, my criticism of this CD is pure nit picking and the production is out of this world. I'm sure you'd like a tag line, so I think the best way to describe the overall sound of the band would be Daft Punk without the house beats, if the band want a little quote to use. I'm sure everyone will disagree with me, but it is THAT good.