This is a review of "Love EP" recorded by The Outlines. The review was written by Sam Saunders in 2003.

This is a big-hearted CD with two very good songs. The sound is full, the tunes are strong and Matt Worall has a voice on him that draws all the attention.

The recording is rich and subtle. Although it’s a standard guitar line up, the gentle use of bass drum and subtle guitar effects give it an elctronica-feel with a sense of mystery and romance.

"Real Love" is an outstanding song, with immediate mass appeal, and a well realized production. It has a strong melody and a well made lyric with a gutsy guitar riff to open it up. "The One You Love" is not quite so convincing. With a slight drift towards the whimsy end of the heartbreak spectrum, the voice has an edge of the miseryguts about it. "Stay with the one you love" is fine advice, but a song of the quality of "Real Love" would have made it clear why she was going to do no such thing. The Outlines are contenders with strength where it matters - in the music.